Tuesday, July 22, 2014

dB +

I have been away from the easel for a while. It is good for the soul to take a new challenge up and mine has been to play music again, in earnest. Our project has been a source of inspiration and reward. Last weekend we did the roller coaster of shows, three in a row. First day, meh. Second day, EPIC. Third day, meh. Rained out on the third, but we still put our time in. Saturday night, though. Ah, such a magical experience. Rain came but everybody stayed and danced and eventually held umbrellas over us so we could continue. Drenched drums, controllers, everything, but the good people came to our rescue and we kept rolling. It was not the biggest crowd I have played for but it was the best yet.

The exchange of energy between a painter and the viewers of the art is almost nothing. At least on the surface - the immediate physical connection. Often the painter never meets the viewer. Though, in truth the painter acts as shaman of sorts, imbibing energy into the piece of art that will hang on a wall long after the painter is dead and still give off that energy.

But music. Damn. It is immediate. The refueling that the crowd can do for the performer is pretty good stuff. Maybe the best stuff ever.