Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I am so inspired by the collections of words that Kahlil Gibran left on earth after he died. It hits me deep. Has since I ran into The Prophet. I fell in love with his words. When I stop to think about what artistic legacy means to me, I tend to remember the ideal set by Gibran. Sincere expression articulated with scholarly devotion and timeless wisdom. Words spoken not to teach, but to rejoice; not to guide, but to celebrate, and which also happen to teach and guide better than just about any books ever written. 

I want to celebrate the man with the words and the wisdom in my next body of work. Paint images of him, and also maybe some painting replicating his drawings and then improvising upon. That sounds like it would be cool to try. Any suggestions for other bodies of work? I saw one of my Malcolm X paintings recently and it made me want to get to work on a bunch of portraits of fascinating figures throughout our history.

We'll see how it goes.