Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maybe it was the summer after 8th grade... I found myself blinded by the reflection of the South Bay sun. Ten in the morning, head filled with potential, armed with a skateboard. My Walkman was duct taped together and one of the headphones had lost its foam and kept slipping from the sweat of the seven miles I passed on my way to the beach. I smelled the warm, wet, salt breeze that always hinted that summer's cooking oil was working its magic on lovely skin. I smelled that and some sweet, white flowers.

Sand added a silty undertone to the audio track of the soft wheels on the sidewalk. It also locked up my board sometimes and then suddenly I could do nothing but watch myself launched forward into whatever fate had chosen for me that day. Once it was into the arms of a cute girl I was definitely  about two years away from being able to even talk to, and the other was under a diesel truck. The first ended with me, red faced and stumbling backward, too shy to even apologize, and the other ended with a glitch in the matrix.

I hit the patch of sand and was jolted off my board, off the sidewalk, and into oncoming traffic. I had a clear view of the axle of the truck approaching. And then, instantly, I was back on the sidewalk.

I was headed for a trucky doom and somehow, without any way of explaining it, I was back in one piece, on the sidewalk.

Has my memory been spooled back, clipped, and then reconnected with scotch tape like my old Thompson Twins cassettes? Did this even happen? I gotta stick with yes. Yes it did.

Then again...

What if I died back then? What if every moment after that has been just the lucid dream of a 13 year old's purgatorial mind? Lost? Jacob's Ladder? Been done, eh? Oh well. Worth a shot.

Anyway, never mind the distraction. Here is what I was listening to when I fell into my glitch. A long story just to say that this song is pretty rad.