Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog? In Summer?

Yeah, well. Just so's you know. I realize I am as absent as my ex-blogger brother, Ben. But it is summer. Or just starting to be. And when the sun comes out in these parts, writing some forlorn or dire blog post sounds about as much fun as mowing with our rusty push mower.

So instead? Pictures. That will have to do. Until the cloud blanket is pulled back over my resistant head.



We went on a sunny day- treasure hunt- drawing walk

Right out of the gate and we found treasure!

Gross treasure, but treasure nonetheless.

Battle Royale. Worm vs. Scary looking bug (Let's call it Pinchy). 

Detailed drawing of the battle.

Nettle Whackers

Treasure number 2! Jackpot with all this death. I tell ya. Boy Heaven!

Baby blessing from the soon to be Ex-Youngest.

My boys love painting as much as I do.