Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Work

The Absolution of Man. John Coltrane
24x36" $800

Full Blue. J.J. Johnson
44x16" Framed $750

Sad, Old Duke. Duke Ellington
25x31" $800

24x36" $1020

Father Drum. Art Blakey
18x24" $500

 Dreams Courtesy of Bill Evans
12x16" Framed $400

 Far Sight. Bob Marley
20x16" $500

 Buddy Guy
36x24" $600

 Ron Carter
20x20" $550

Corey Harris, Dread inna Delta
16x20" $480

 Devil Music. Robert Johnson
24x30" $888

 Dizzy Gillespie
24x30" $800

36x24" $980

 Strong Arm of Elvin. Elvin Jones
33x21" $730

Fusing. Fela Kuti
18x24" $580

 The Gears of Mingus. Charles Mingus
20x16" $500

 Passing of the Ruler. Gregory Isaacs
20x16" $400

McCoy Tyner and the Rest of Us
27x24" $750

 Miles Away. Miles Davis
16x20" $550

14x23" $530

 Thelonius Geometrics (updated 2011)
24x30" $800

 Queen Nina, Muthaf*ka. Nina Simone
12x12" $300

Screams of the Paper Doll. Billie Holiday
16x20" $400

 BlueBeck. Dave Brubeck
30x24" $580

 Son of the Delta. Son House
20x16" $400

Taj Mahal in Port Townsend
35x20" $800

Painting the Sounds of America
Jesse Joshua Watson

This body of work is part of the story of our music. Just one small part. Though in school we are presented with a history that is much more centered around wars, this history is as vast and intriguing as it is fundamental to our development as a culture. The story of our music is the story of us.

For my part, I did my best to fall into the music and become absorbed by it. I tried to allow problems in to the paintings so that I could adapt and improvise visual solutions, in the same way jazz musicians find sound solutions. I felt myself getting caught up in the moment, that fleeting, timeless instant of ecstasy. 
To purchase artwork, go see the work in person at the Public House in Port Townsend, or you can email Jesse directly: