Friday, April 08, 2011

Join me in support of Haitian children

Join me in supporting the children in Haiti through the non profit organization,

ON MY MIND Foundation!

Providing Hope to Children Through Playful Learning

Mission Statement: Our mission is to fight despair and illiteracy in children through playful and alternative learning in areas of need around the world.

Purpose Statement: ON MY MIND Foundation deploys a simple yet globally replicable program that clearly demonstrates the IMPACT of imaginative education on the real lives of children struggling for survival against all odds.

Our Tactics
  • ON MY MIND Foundation provides in-kind support and financial resources to teachers, called F.I.R.E. Starters™ and schools dedicated to alternative education.
  •  We are committed to creating a world-wide inventory of replicable models in “field-adapted” educational curriculum and to providing regular reports to the public via multi-media channels on our successes and challenges.
  •  OMM instructors, F.I.R.E. Starters, teach in accord with the core philosophy of the OMM Foundation, restoring play and hope in broken children by focusing on fun through literacy, music, arts, and athletics.
  •  Current programs are being developed in Haiti with expansion in other countries expected in 2012.
For more information visit or find us on Facebook (On My Mind Foundation).