Friday, April 08, 2011

Help me bring love to Haiti

Haitian children playing soccer

Hello, my friends. 

Last September I travelled to Haiti and many of you helped me bring gifts for some of the kids I encountered. And let me tell you, those kids were really excited to get a brand new soccer ball and pump! It may sound like a trivial matter, but for kids who have missed out on much of the childhood they deserve to enjoy, a soccer ball can become an invaluable resource. Play is powerful. Imagination and hope are kept alive and vital by play. It is what we do to elevate our minds from difficult times, and Haiti has had plenty of those. 

Click on the Paypal button below and donate whatever you would like. I will buy the equipment right before I go down on April 28, and anything left over in the account will go to the organizations that are running the schools we will be visiting. 

Thank you. 

Haitian children playing soccer

Haitian children playing soccer

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Use Paypal to donate money for sporting equipment that I will be delivering to kids in Haiti. Here are average prices for items I will be buying. You can choose to give whatever you like. Like my last trip, I will purchase all of the equipment shortly before leaving, allowing for the maximum amount of time for donations to be raised. Any money left over after the purchase will go to the groups I visit in Port au Prince.

Soccer Ball $15 -25
Ball Pump $9
Soccer Cleats $25-55

Thank you for doing something to make the lives of Haitian kids a little brighter. Your generous support means so much to me. Thank you.