Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DIE HAPPY! part two

above: Pay to Play. Ink, Acrylic on Canvas. ~16" x 20"
For a long time, the only way you could ride these was if you took the poor man's chairlift. 

above: Out of the Pipe. Ink, Acrylic on Antique drawer w/ brass handle.  ~16" x 20"
The speed required to really get up out of the pipe is crazy. Especially the big half pipes. 

above: Damien! Ink, Acrylic on Canvas. ~24" x 18"
In high school one of my best friends was Damien Sander's younger brother. So, inevitably, I ended up idolizing the dude. He tweaked so hard the earth tilted. I remember going to little skate contests he put on for local kids. First air I ever pulled on a skateboard was on his ramp. Scared the hell out of me but landing it was an epiphany.

above: Arc. Ink, Acrylic on Canvas. ~48" x 24"
Tricks come and go. This is forever. The arc.

above: Uplift. Ink, Acrylic on KAPAbloc. ~20" x 16"
I have not skied in a long time, but I still appreciate the ninja like style of these airs.

 above: Take Off. Ink, Acrylic on Linen. ~30" x 24"
It is all about the search for boostables along the way.

above: Hawaiian Air. Ink, Acrylic on Canvas. ~24" x 36"
In Washington, come winter, we have a winter paradise. But wouldn't you know it? That's when the tropical itch kicks in.

above: Deep Meditation. Ink, Acrylic on Panel. ~32" x 22"
At the end of the day, a good powder run can do more good than six months on a shrink's couch.