Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DIE HAPPY! part two

above: Pay to Play. Ink, Acrylic on Canvas. ~16" x 20"
For a long time, the only way you could ride these was if you took the poor man's chairlift. 

above: Out of the Pipe. Ink, Acrylic on Antique drawer w/ brass handle.  ~16" x 20"
The speed required to really get up out of the pipe is crazy. Especially the big half pipes. 

above: Damien! Ink, Acrylic on Canvas. ~24" x 18"
In high school one of my best friends was Damien Sander's younger brother. So, inevitably, I ended up idolizing the dude. He tweaked so hard the earth tilted. I remember going to little skate contests he put on for local kids. First air I ever pulled on a skateboard was on his ramp. Scared the hell out of me but landing it was an epiphany.

above: Arc. Ink, Acrylic on Canvas. ~48" x 24"
Tricks come and go. This is forever. The arc.

above: Uplift. Ink, Acrylic on KAPAbloc. ~20" x 16"
I have not skied in a long time, but I still appreciate the ninja like style of these airs.

 above: Take Off. Ink, Acrylic on Linen. ~30" x 24"
It is all about the search for boostables along the way.

above: Hawaiian Air. Ink, Acrylic on Canvas. ~24" x 36"
In Washington, come winter, we have a winter paradise. But wouldn't you know it? That's when the tropical itch kicks in.

above: Deep Meditation. Ink, Acrylic on Panel. ~32" x 22"
At the end of the day, a good powder run can do more good than six months on a shrink's couch.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Here is maybe one third of the new show. I am still finishing up and shooting the rest. Forgive the poor quality of the shots. I figure I will get em shot for real when my main man photog is back in town, but for now this should give the eyes a preview. 

DIE HAPPY! is a show that has been simmering for a while. Crock Pot style. I started some of these pieces over a year and a half ago and have finally found the end of the tunnel on this show and am thrilled it is now coming into the light. Clearly this show is inspired and born of the surf art I have done. Same technique: coagulated ink and acrylic on various surfaces. The figures, for the most part, are shadowy memories, fantasies, or apparitions of either myself or you. There are a few exceptions where I had someone in particular in mind, but mostly, these are the dreams of a caged mind. 

DIE HAPPY! may sound all black makeup and angry faces, but I assure you, it is not. It is about the bliss that is right here at your fingertips. To pass up the pleasures of life when they are just waiting for you to indulge seems such a waste. More sad than dying. And what for? So that you can spend your time chasing stuff? Worrying about tomorrow? Hell, we all gotta go, right? 

The iconic image that shares the same name as the show is of a couple embracing, right off the slopes and cliff, and into eternity. The moment I touched the brush to the canvas I knew it would carry the banner for the entire show, and for my deep desire for you and for me. That desire? I do not know what awaits us after the final dawn, but I would hate to squander the precious minutes I am given to enjoy right here, right now. 

As far as the subject matter, this is just another example of painting what I love. I love the snow. I love to ski and snowboard and have since I was a pup, but it is expensive. And my knees are thrashed, so even if I had the dough, I would have to take it easy and go just a few times a season. So, I have been away for a long time. I see cars with boards pass by and I long to be arcing through deep powder. And I hope I can again soon. But until then, this show will suffice. 

I hope you enjoy. Enjoy the art. Enjoy your lives. Do not waste them. If you find yourself halfway through a wasted life, it is not too late. Today is today. Tomorrow can figure itself out.

You want one for your wall? Comment or email me: if you are interested. I am intending to exhibit the entire show at a big gallery somewhere, but until that falls into place, my studio can be your gallery. You want bigger or better shots of any piece, just let me know. I am happy to show more. And, when the rest are up, I will post them as well. 


above: DIE HAPPY! Ink, Acrylic on Linen. ~36" x 36"
If I fall tomorrow, may I run today. May I fly.

above: Morning Promise. Ink, Acrylic on Canvas. ~24" x 30"
The ferry over at dawn is always full of the promise of a sick day.

above: 401K. Ink, Acrylic on Linen. ~24" x 30"
For me, the real investment lies in experiences like this one. Hazy brained on a chairlift, feeling at one with the universe. 

above: Back Nine. Ink, Acrylic on Board. ~28" x 12"
I carry such a vivid memory of hitting the backside of Steven's after a huge dump of powder. Best day on the mountain ever. No comparrison.

above: Tracking the Boundless Mind. Ink, Acrylic on Panel. ~30" x 30"
All that remains are the impressions. So much like life.

 above: Withdrawal. Ink, Acrylic on Cork. ~19" x 10"
I'll take air over cash any day. 

above: HIGH. Ink, Acrylic on driftwood. ~24" x 20"
I wanna get high, so high. Boosting over the foolishness of a mad world. 

above: Life Insurance. Ink, Acrylic on KAPAbloc. ~10" x 20"
There is no such thing as life insurance. Other than insuring that you live it to the fullest!

above: Mars Rovers. Ink, Acrylic on Some weird surface. ~24" x 10"
Exploration. First tracks. Ah. Nothing better.  

above: Pathfinder. Ink, Acrylic on Panel. ~12" x 38"
Making a way through the ancient ones. What would they tell you? Bloom where you are planted. 

above: Ron's Palace. Ink, Acrylic on Canvas. ~24" x 30"
My buddy Ron on his mountain mansion. 

above: Tastes Like Another. Ink, Acrylic on Birch. ~30" x 30"
Like my bro Matt always says (about beer). The last run is hard to find. Mostly because it always tastes like another. 
One more, baby. I promise.....