Sunday, January 23, 2011

School Visits Galore!

I have done lots of school visits and they remain one of the most fun parts of my job. This week I will be doing a bunch. What a fun job I have.

Mountain View library with my PT crew.


 Beaten by a ten year old in a blindfold. Really. Really. Humiliating. Except for the fact that he is going to be the next grand master from NYC.
I am so impressed by him that I am gonna offer up the video:

 Brooklyn can you hear me?

 Young queens. Young kings. Young  bishops. 

 Meeting fun people along the way... MY man, Greg, THE man, Melvin Van Peeples, and, the Queen of the HueMan Bookstore in Harlem, Marva Allen.

 Chess on the floor of the gym. St. Louis has game but Jesse holds his own. Tomorrow? No guarantees.

 Chess Rumble under the Arch

High school writers in Leavenworth
Session at the SCBWI Conference in LA

 Signing with Lin Oliver, Royal Empress of Children's Literature, and Henry Winkler, Knight of the Silver Screen, the real-life Hank Zipzer, and we must never forget, Barry Zuckerkorn, the greatest lawyer in the history of human existence.