Monday, January 03, 2011

New Portraits

What makes a portrait special? I am learning. When I first began I thought it was making look as much like the person as I could. Now, at the end, young Skywalker... oh, sorry. Brain tangent. But now, my ideas have changed quite a lot. What are the most treasured portraits in global history? Well many barely look enough like the subject to warrant a D+ in art school. And yet... By some stroke of the artist's brush, wave of the wizard's wand, we use the ancient magic and capture their ______ (Souls? Spirits? Memory?) upon a piece of canvas. Well past the lifespan of the subject, their portrait will live on. A form of eternity. 

I have spent 80% of my life pursuing artistic knowledge, impassioned with the creative drive. But only recently have I begun to learn the lesson that unravels the decades of study. I realize now that it is the portrait artist's job to give as much energy getting everything else about the painting as much attention as the likeness. For, if all you really need is a likeness, grab an effing camera, for crying out loud. This portrait is about much more than simple likeness.

Well, enough yammering.

Here's some art. There are my recent portraits. 



Tyler. Acrylic on KAPAbloc.

Ty and Phoebes. Acrylic on canvas.

Greg Neri. Ink and Acrylic on KAPAbloc.

Bradens. Acrylic on Canvas.