Sunday, January 23, 2011

Come to the Best'O Conference in the West'O! (or East'O)

Come check out the always amazing annual conference. It is an invaluable experience for those wishing to get into the field, hone their skills, and make contact with editors, agents, as well as superstar authors and illustrators. You have questions. They have answers.

I will be giving two presentations and am plotting how to bribe folks away from Santat's inevitably jam-packed session. (We will have BEERS in my session. Spread the word...*)

2011 Conference

* not true. There will be no beers in the session... aside from the one hidden in my coffee cup.**

** that is also not true. There will be no beer hidden in my coffee cup. Only coffee. Hallowed, lifesaving coffee. Nevertheless, it will be a freakishly fun weekend so sign up and I will see you there!