Friday, July 09, 2010


It has been three days since summer hit the PNW. And it did not just trickle in. It arrived like a hot girl at a boring party. Everything instantly changed.

In addition to my realization that I have not been acclimated to hot weather for a long time, the most drastic change is this sudden need to water the garden. It is a time consuming job but every time I start, I find myself lost in the macro. And this is where I love to be. I notice every drop of water that twinkles in the sun, each new blip of green that will become a leaf, any holes left by those villainous slugs. My worry and stress is pushed out of my brain by the elemental meditation.

In many ways, my boys are like the plants in my garden. They don't need technology, fancy clothes, expensive food. They don't need complex planning or compensation. Give em water. Give em sun. Then let them do their thing.