Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is the best reward for a long stretch of hard work.

World Cup 2010!

A beautiful game, indeed. Today I watched Switzerland beat Spain convincingly. Spain was the top pick to win the cup, coming off their Euro championship. But, as the game goes, little ol' SUI trounced them like David dropping Goliath. Beautiful!

And, yesterday, North Korea held their own against my all time fav, Brazil, losing the game but maintaining respect for very tough play. Brazil took a while to warm up and start their war machine, but we got a little sneak peek of what is to come. Maicon's extremely acute, air bending shot was so fine, it deserves it's own cup.

The opening game between ZA and Mex was pretty fun to watch as well and Tshabalala's goal was beautiful! A straight shot on the run that pierced the top corner!
Ahhh. And I owe all this happiness to my tiny rabbit ears and the blessed Spanish channel. Thank God for Mexicans (and Spanish speaking Americans). If I had to rely on white Americans, I would be in the pits of despair right now. (shocker) What is on the other channels? A whole lot of nothing. What is wrong with us? We let this once every four years opportunity march right under our noses without hardly a glance. Meanwhile the rest of the planet has stopped so abruptly that scientists have detected a sudden shift in the earth's axis.

Well, luckily, I am seeing a bit of progress in the comprehension of futbol in my own country. Normally, I see a bunch of people waving American flags and I want to get as far away as I can. And fast. (I don't want to get my dreadlocked butt lynched by Tea Party "Patriots".) But nowadays, I have seen roving groups of flag-draped folks, shouting and waving.... and I love it! Probably the first time I have ever smiled at someone yelling while holding the flag. And why? Because by waving the flag they are not swaggering diabolically about the brutality of a huge, wealthy nation taking advantage of a smaller, poorer one, killing their children and raping their resources. (Obviously, I am not saying everybody waving a flag, supporting their kids or husbands or wives in the service are like this. I am thinking of the red faced screamers at big rallies that just exude hatred and anger. You know what I am talking about. I am not making it up.) What are they waving the flag for? They are celebrating their team. They are celebrating our team. What real patriotism should be.
Life should be more like soccer. You win. You lose. After the game you go and shake hands with your opponent and move on to the next game.

Viva Futbol! Viva Soccer! Viva Football! Viva Foutbol! Viva!