Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden update

But first, a pic of the fam on my bd. So happy that my big boy, Clay, took the time and drove up for the evening.

We have been clearing out the garden for the spring plantings, but there are a few stragglers from last year that we have left up over winter. These three broccoli plants never gave any fruit last year but were huge. A friend told us to leave them up and see if they fruit in spring, which they have. Bright, brilliant, purple broccoli that we all love.

Mr Spiderman here loves the loose buds of lower limbs more than the tighter heads at the top. After doing my own taste test, I agree with him. Those are sweeter.

Potatoes in. Raspberries in. Garlic in. Onions in. Peas in. Chard in.
Now we have some new broccoli seeds in.

Can't wait to see those little sprouts and start the process over again. Gardening with the family is my favorite pastime. It is good for the soul.