Friday, February 26, 2010

Yo, I'm a baller.

But not that kinda baller. Basketballs flee even my shadow. If I walk into a game, point guards shiver. I am talkin' about the weepy kind of ballin'. And I have no problem coming clean about that trait. Tonight as I was sketching my finals for this new book and trying to watch a movie out of the side of my eye, I proved yet again that I cannot keep a dry eye at the movie, 50 First Dates. Specifically, this part.

I don't know what exactly it is, but I am gonna say for sure it has to do with Izzy's beautiful song, "Over the Rainbow" and maybe a little with the sweetness of Drew's smile when she sees her daughter, and the whole idea of seeing your whole life new and fresh, like for the first time. An overwhelming concept to me. All my blessings come rushing at me and my eyes start doing their thing. I am telling you, even on an airplane sitting next to two large gruff men, I cried like I was winning the lottery at that part. It slays me.

I don't cry much at sad parts of movies too much. I can handle myself just fine in those circumstances. But, it is the happy stuff... The "Life is so beautiful I am gonna break" stuff.

Because, damn it, life is so beautiful I am gonna break. And I break often. And I like breaking. When I hear my boys giggling or speculating or even whining. This is the good stuff! And despite the fact that I am a feast or famine artist with absolutely no retirement on the horizon and despite the fact that my wifey put one gallon of gas in the car today, despite the fact that I have been sick for three and a half weeks... this is the good stuff! The struggle only makes the beauty that much more sweet, the victories that much more important and the pleasures that much more savor-able.

So, sing it, Iz. And GOD bless your sweet soul, bruddah. I'll see you some bright morning.