Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Sissy Spacebrain, to be specific. And I mean it in the nicest of ways.

This is my little sister:

She has been the beacon of our family ever since the stork dropped her off to spoil my solo party as a toddler. I tried to encourage her to get lost by smacking her on the head with a wee plastic hammer but she is tougher than that. And she has proved to be tougher than a hell of a lot more than that. I cant possibly go into enough detail on this post to describe to you what a wonderful, resilient sister she is, so I have to boil it down to one story.

I was five, she was three. We rode our bikes through Pasadena to cruise around and enjoy the afternoon at a park. (Not even going into why we were allowed, as mere toddlers, to go alone through Los Angeles.... but hell, times were different back then.)

When we were almost to the park, a group of young brothers surrounded us and one asked me if he could ride my bike. Now, being taught from infancy that when someone asks you for your coat, you give them your shirt as well... (sigh for self contemplation and religious frustration) I gave the kid my bike. He told me he would just ride it around the block. He told me to hold his "bike" until they got back. Faith watched them like hawks, her small face scrunched up in a scowl. I waited, ever the damned optimist, but after a half an hour, she took my arm and told me, "Let's go home, brother. They aren't coming back with your bike."

She wept gallons the entire way. Not only that but she INSISTED (and if you have had experience trying to persuade a Watson woman to do anything she does not want to do, you know what I was up against) that I ride her bike. I say bike, but I mean Tricycle. So I rode her tricycle and she walked the whole way home, sobbing.

Her tears never stopped and when she burst through the door and gave my parents the tale, I was oddly unfazed by it. She had taken the brunt force and absorbed it for me. My precious sister took the theft of this awesome bike given to me by my uncle and made it tolerable for me.

I never forgot that. Nor have I forgotten how she has always made life special for those around her. She has some lucky kiddos and a lucky husband. And if you follow her blog YOU WILL BE LUCKY TOO.

Check out her blog here: Sacred Dirt!