Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Unstructing Mind

A time to build and a time to tear down.

After all, what fun would a maze of dominoes be unless you got to knock them down?
And so our puzzles go the way of the dinosaurs within moments of being completed. Our grown up concept of leaving the puzzle up for a while to appreciate is met with blank stares. Oh, never mind. Do you thing, boys. In fact, let me help too.

And, while hours spent on a puzzle that only the second hand bears witness to might seem a waste, I liken it to the most beautiful forms of art. Those that are only here for a flash and then are gone. Andy Goldsworthy's spirals of petals that float away down the river. A barista's delicate foam design that is sipped apart in seconds.
A sunrise.

These art forms connect us with our greater selves. We are able to transcend the clock, even if it is just for a moment. For what is the clock anyway but a cage we conform to? Without plunging headfirst into the philosophical, I suffice to say that the deepest reality is that which happens outside the realm of time. The forever and the instantaneous. Being caught up by the music you are playing and even being played by. The immeasurable experience of being barreled while surfing. Sitting down to paint in the evening and being snapped out of the trance by the morning sun.

For, in the end, there is only beginning. The clock will get you eventually, but as I see it, after that we get to break the clock for good.