Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am proud of this

I watched this video again tonight and realized that I am proud of all these paintings. I mean, there are soooooooooooooo many of them. In fact, so many more that didn't make it on the video. For this very hard and fastidious work, I am pleased to say I am proud of myself. I am normally  not that kinda guy, nor have I ever been- to go on record for being proud of myself, that is. Maybe I never had anything I did that was worthy of self praise, but this decade's worth of artwork has been wonderful to create. Thank you JAH for allowing me to create art in my own peaceful home instead of toiling under fluorescent lights and for a boss named Dick. 
We all grow in our fields, but it is rewarding to be able to sit back and appreciate the work of our hands. 

Yes, thank you JAH!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Get Outa Dodge

Dodge Caravan, to be precise. And sometimes you just gotta get out for some space. And so we did. 
We got to Hobuck Beach in the afternoon but the sun was in top form for hours so we just played in the amazing sand and water until dark. 
I was really digging the reflective nature of the sand. With the sun far enough into the western sky, we had a mirror at our feet. The boys had an epic time collecting treasure and just running. At one point, after digging another hole, T jumped up and started skipping and hopping in circles. Joined by his brother, they both did a happy dance and then went right back to digging. Bliss embodied. 
I usually have no luck getting wifey to get near the camera. She usually tries escaping the lens and I have to resort to tricks but today, for whatever reason, she was having fun. 

...even a "Myspace" shot! Wow. My lucky day!

After waking up to a completely different view, thanks to the impenetrable marine layer, I hopped out for a few hours of very fun, though invisible to anyone on shore, waves. 

Certainly the best days of my life. 
Thank God for fire. Thank God for water. Thank God for today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breaking the Silence

"The lives of Palestinians, let's say, is something very, very less important than the lives of our soldiers."  

- IDF soldier

Here is one of the least horrific accounts given on the Shovrim Shtika website. Least horrific, if you can believe that. It comes from an Israeli Defense soldier who was stationed at a temporary checkpoint in Palestine. His account is part of a movement growing within Israel to examine and expose the illegal and shocking actions that the IDF took part in during its siege of Gaza, and in the IDF dealings with Palestinians in general.  

Here is the link. Please check it out. 

"Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Nahal brigade
Place of incident: Atarot-Kalandia


There wasn’t really a checkpoint in Kalandia [at that time]. We would stand there at the fence of the airport, as if this was aiding the guys who were guarding the airport. There were riots and we would shoot... how do you call it -

Rubber [rubber coated metal bullets].

Rubber, stun grenades. And all the time we were playing ‘Catch’ with the kids throwing stones. We would set traps for them there.

What do you mean by traps?

Traps, let me give you a somewhat funny example. We would put a can with a stun grenade inside, take out the safety pin, and place on it sweets, desserts that we would take from the kitchen. Then the kids would come, look at them and when they picked it up, the grenade would explode in their face. That’s one. I’ll give you another example. There was a couch that they would move all day, so we would booby trap the couch with stun grenades.

Where was this couch placed?

It was placed in the middle of where we were… there was a certain place where they would throw stones. And we were sick of them, like, taking the couch. So we (grinning)… and my platoon commander were wounded during this. He tried to set a trap and a stun grenade blew up in his hand, such things, it was a period then… And let me tell you, it was a crazy time." 

Friday, July 10, 2009

Monday, July 06, 2009

Chetzemoka Chillin'

I love bamboo when it gets big, like this Timber Bamboo at Chetzemoka Park. It freaks me out. Like, physically. What does that say about my twisted psyche? Who cares. 
This stuff is gor-ge-ous! AAAAND, it is only several years old. What other plant sends up a 4" shoot that will reach 40' in 8 weeks? Just crazy, sexy stuff. (damn, said too much.)

The noble Inchworm's view of a lovely stretch'o'beach. 
The noble Chickadee's view of a lovely bit'o'stream.
The noble Husband's view of a lovely view of Wife'n'kids. 

Oh. And for no reason.....   a Satanic Carrot. 

Doesn't this thing have Danzig written all over it? For those who do not know the name, one of my best friends in high school (low school if we are being honest) was soooooo into the Misfits and Danzig, punk bands from a while back, (Me, I hate them, sorry, all ye little mini satanists out there. Just not my cup of blood...) but he (my friend, Derek) died very tragically by his own hand, so I am even more bitter at them than I would normally be.  

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Oh man. Maybe I ordered too many?

Now what am I gonna do with 5 cases of I AND I?
 I am no good at math at all am I? Straight up Tommy Boy style!
Make that 6 cases of I AND I...

I'm gonna hustle em! That's what. I am getting booth space at some events this summer and I am puttin on my pimp hat. Let the weak hearted be warned. Pimp hat.... ON.
First event is the OFFICIAL JESSE JOSHUA WATSON BOOK RELEASE PARTY, August 1, 2009 in Port Townsend. (280 Quincy Street, in the old Templars Building right next to the old Bread and Roses.)
Then... Come meet me at Seattle Vibes Alive on August 7. Reggae festival just in the nick of time? Come on down to King Cat Theatre to the best reggae fest in Seattle. Click here for more info, and to see my main man Far I's wicked site!

Then meet me up at the Hempfest at my I AND I - Bob Marley booth where I will be chillin in the sun along the Seattle waterfront at the world's most hugemongous hempfest, August 15 and 16. You may even be so lucky as to see my homeboy, G Neri show up to sling his newest wares, Surf Mules. I think a perfect fest for both of our books, no?

So. You wanna help a local artist get rid of his cases? I thought so. Come on down!
I will see YOU there! 

My Alter Ego

Thanks to the ever impressive and illustrative (wink) Jim dB via my own bro, Ben, here is my own damned Alter Ego. 

Go make your own here at the Superhero Factory.
(of course they only have normal hair. Pshhhht! Suckers. Oh well, my frizzy side hair is probably what Ima end up with anywhoo so oh well). 

Ok, since my brother did it so must I... Here is my wifey's alter ego, even though when I told her I was making her into a Super Hero she told me she wasn't sure it was worth getting up from the couch to see... (grrrr)

(Just for that I am gonna dress you amish, girl! No sexy outfit for YOU! Ha!)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Whales, Eagles and Bluebird!

Went surfing at #@$@^$@ today and the weather was as nice as it ever gets up here in the NW. The waves were small but fun. Had a blast with my bro, Matt. When we got out of the water we saw some spouts from two whales out past where we had been surfing. As we walked the long beach to access the crazy trail back to the car we heard the spouting and breaching coming from very close. So we dropped the boards and ran along the edge of this eroded, gnarly rock wall filled with smooth faces, pock marks and tide pools. At the edge of the wall, we saw the full contour of a young Grey Whale. It was feeding along the edge of this very long jutting rock wall where there were kelp beds. It was so cool to be so close. I could have jumped down on his back if I was a complete idiot. I mean, if one of those surfaced near me in the water I would be so terrified I would disappear. *

After a while of oohs and ahhhs, we spotted two more big whales moving right up to where we stood. Mom and dad, presumably. One was pink all around its mouth and head and eye. Both were very large and surfaced less frequently than the wee one. It was spectacular.

*Oh, actually a bunch of whales surfaced right between me and my friend Brian one time on the coast during an El NiƱo summer. I paddled in so fast. There were dozens of whales all over the place and a mother and young whale were right between my friend and I, which was not much more than 30 feet or so. I know they are kind, gentle animals, but talk about heebie jeebies!