Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taken Hostage by Story

This has been a crazy busy week. Tomorrow is the Watson Holiday Sale, etc, so I have so much to do tonight. I've got to print labels and organize books and pack art into the cars. I've got to create title cards, help gather the drinks and answer all my emails. And I really need to get back to work, editing my story. I am too busy to waste any time, even little chunks.

And yet...

... since about 7:30 or so tonight, I have been completely incarcerated by a book. Within the first several pages.... take that back... within the first two pages, I was sucked deep and fast into the world of this story. I had to just read it through to the end tonight. And I did. And it was amazing.

Thompson's art is strong and sincere, his characters painfully realistic. The amount of work spent on this kind of staggers my brain. I wonder how long he spent creating this. Regardless, this is one of my new favorite books. After I return it to the library, I am ordering one.

by Craig Thompson
A beautiful masterpiece of storytelling.

Jesse scale: 7 out of 7
(hell, 10 out of 7)