Thursday, December 03, 2009

School Visits over yonder

This time, yonder = Saint Louis.
A grand city, filled with great kids and awesome librarians.
Speaking of . . . Thanks to Carrie Dietz for the photos and for lugging our butts all around the city!

I have really been enjoying our visits. The hit-maker, Greg Neri, and I have worked into a great groove and we really have fun speaking to kids across the country.

One of my biggest treats is getting to play chess with kids.

This is Chess Rumble in action!

Some students are just learning how the pieces move, others are young assassins. I never know how a kid is gonna play until we start. At one charter school in St. Louis, there was a room full of kids asking to play but we only had time for a few quick games. So I used a question to weed out the best players and give them a shot.

Here's hoping they link up with a chess teacher or mentor along their journey.

At a library event one of the evenings, I got to play one of those young assassins I was talking about. He was on the high school chess team and I guess they are for real. We had a good game, though, as is often the case, our game was cut short by talk of pizza by the rest of our crew who weren't enjoying observing the game as much as we were enjoying playing it. (Next time, Max.)

After one of our last presentations and signings, we got to meet the artists who made these great posters for our visit. They also gave us a cool leather notebook holder, which I am now using to hold all my sketches for my upcoming book.

Peace be upon you, St. Louis.
See you next time.