Monday, December 21, 2009


I am heavy with sadness and worry. My grandfather Elton, the unstoppable, is in the hospital.
He had a stroke recently and is in deteriorating condition as I write. My mom and her brothers and sister are all there with he and his wife, Lisa. We are praying for him and thinking of him throughout the days. I am remembering clutching his strong, wiry body with all my might as we raced through the twisting streets of Sierra Madre on his motorcycle. I was five. It was terrifying and breathtaking all at once. And, I think of Elton on any number of peaks he climbed late into his days, even with bum knees and other problems that would stop any normal man. I think of his fluency in culture. His many trips to all ends of the earth. His explorative nature I am grateful to have inherited.

I think of Elton and smile, grateful to be descended from such manner of man! Be engulfed in peace and grace and love, Papa. I love you and am pulling for you.