Tuesday, November 03, 2009

One for the (long long) Road

Courtesy of my brother in law Willie, and in reckless gambling style, I toast the progress of my month ahead of time.
Cuban no less! This is full commitment here. Its like betting on a gut shot straight before the flop.

November! A good month to do the spring cleaning I should have done last year. Mentally, that is. And, with the aid of the kind and talented Molly Blaisdell and her 4th Annual Golden Coffee Cup, I am getting some serious work done. This corresponds with the Novel in a Month movement that has inspired so many people to get off their butts and go out and ... sit on their butts for long periods of time.

Anyways. Thanks, Molly! I needed this. AND, I am making good progress, though the third day into it may be too soon to start celebrating anything, much less firing up cigars. I am worried about the trips I have to take this month and the other bits and pieces all fitting in. But, heck... to quote the Unfiltered Mouth of the Republican Party (also known as that college kid in Borat who charms millions with his thoughts on slavery and women's rights), "I don't give a F. I'll do it."

Speaking of progress, if you are using a Mac, you may consider trying this awesome program out! Mac Freedom. You set the time and it turns off the internet for that period of time. Kachow, to borrow from Lightnin' McQueen. An amazingly helpful tool if you are like me and you check your email after quitting the email program, in case that sound you heard upon its closure was a new message sneaking in. I saw it on someone's blog recently and while I cannot for the life of me recall whose it was, I am grateful I found it. Very glad to find a way to escape the clutches of the social media machine.

Ok. Well, got to go check Facebook...