Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kid + Scissors. You know the story.

Mariah has done straight up Karate on my ass anytime I even talked about cutting his hair from that awesome bowl cut he rocked for so many years. I tried to see what a short haircut would look like on him but ... No dice. He started telling her he wanted a mohawk. No dice. He asked her for a buzz cut. No dice.
So.... as they do about now, he took things into his own hands. (Specifically, the scissors!)

The boy walks in and stands there smiling at me for a few moments before I jump out of my chair. Too late to do anything to save it, (though Mariah tried to convince me we could comb it together...) but ultimately I know when to cut my losses, so out came the clippers. A few minutes of buzzing and DANG he looks more like his bro.




See, Mom? He rocks it whatever the style.