Tuesday, November 10, 2009


25,306 words, that is.
Mind you... not keepers, all, but progress nonetheless.
(Is it not just rad that nonetheless is one word? I think we should begin a rapid hijacking of language and start it off by smooshing three word combos together. I'll start it off....


See? I just did it.
This is the enemy that lurks, waiting to distract me from my task.
With painting gigs, I am much more used to just sitting in my painting chair at my easel or drawing table and cranking away, stopping to check emails occasionally or to get a few moves in on correspondence chess games, but then right back to the art. But writing. Man, it is right here at the fun center. The same screen I watch people drive their scooters into walls with on failblog, bliss out to mystical soaring tunes on youtube with, or test the limits of my compulsiveness with on fb. This is a walking, talking distraction. This very act of writing in the blog is a distraction. A postponement of the real work I need to be doing.

So, I have got to get back to my book. It calls to me in its faint voice, barely audible over the buzz of all the bells and whistles, lights and sirens. Like a whisper it beckons and I must go...