Thursday, October 15, 2009

painting classes

...are going well. Smaller group so I can take us wherever we feel like going. Next week we begin a piece we will work on for the last three classes.

Anyway.... here are a few of my paintings from the work we have been doing in the Thursday night Acrylic class. I walk around and talk with people about their work, but I do get a few minutes to just paint myself. It is always great practice and I always look and find lots of stuff I could improve upon if I had the time to.

Last week was the pencil sharpener and this week is the dress form. The bottom one is my fav.

Next on the menu:
Paint Jam is this Sat and next Sat. It should be fun. A workshop on the effects of music on artwork. I am working on the playlist and there are lots of ways it could go. I don't know about you, but if I get caught in a vein of music too deep, I can get lost in painting for hours. days. Mugshot is a good example. Wonder what we will come up with on Saturday?