Sunday, October 25, 2009

more music art

This last Saturday, set to a bunch of great of Bach and Vivaldi tunes, we did the second half of the Paint Jam workshop. This is what I came up with during the session. Again, no preconceived ideas about what we were going to do. Just blank slate and music on and away we go.

Here is my "Drunk Monk." A fun and fairly quick painting on a really big wood panel in acrylic. I think I will tinker with it a little more someday soon and show it with the other big music-inspired pieces. That means I will be out searching for inexpensive funky, big wood panels again soon too. If you know a source, let me know.

I see that the last three things I have painted have been saturated with oranges and yellows and reds. I guess I am an easily influenced guy. (Thanks, leaves, for the inspiration.)