Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fear and Loathing in America

I pose these scenarios. 

A Palestinian president in Israel.

A Jewish president in Gaza. 

Suppose that president was making huge reforms that were solving longstanding complaints of the entire country. Suppose that president saved the economy from the brink of collapse? Suppose that president was disarming current and  future conflicts, saving thousands of young lives. 

Would any of that matter? 

Of course not. 
Because for the most part, people are just unable to rise above their animal impulses and their bitter prejudices.

So we have these foaming idiots raging about Obama speaking to kids in school. 
Are you kidding me? 

He is the president. He gets to do that. 
What kind of perverse ideology do these bigots have that they think they can protest the president of the US speaking to kids? (Better, apparently, that he wait a few years and kill them in battles for oil, once they turn 18.) Man, talk about great lessons in Patriotism. These are the kids who are gonna grow up to bomb federal buildings if the conservatives keep it up.

I knew this was gonna get ugly when my man was elected, but I guess I had some little hope that these people would rise above it and put their actions where their mouths have been the last eight years and support the President of the United States. 

My brother Ben, who, like me, was once  a moderate Independent said, George Bush made me a Democrat. I will take it even one step further and say that not only am I now a Democrat, but these evil bastards are turning me into a LIBERAL. I just want to be so far separated from this kind of moronic mindset that hell, I am about to call myself a Communist just to be further away from them. 

Jeez! What to do? What to do?