Thursday, September 10, 2009

Book Review Thursday

Those Darn Squirrels!
by Adam Rubin, illustrated by Daniel Salmieri
Clarion Books

I woke early to the sounds of hilarity. Both boys were combusting into laughter over and over again. The culprit? Their new favorite book.

Here  is the link to order it on Amazon. I highly suggest it if you like silly books with heart that make little boys explode with giggles. 

My quickie review:  The writer is clearly an awesome comic. His delivery is perfect. Very sweet story centered around a grumpy old man. The art is weird and wibbly, enhancing the text to a T. Perfectly simple yet lots of fun details, including the freaky little earlobes of the man and the lips of the squirrels eating potato chips and drinking cherry cola (to stay awake all night).
The story is a classic format of learning to appreciate what is right under your nose, but it is told in such a hilarious way that it makes it an instant favorite. Especially for my silly boys. 

Nice book, fellas. Can't wait to see more.