Monday, August 10, 2009

Success and Failure.

We roll with it. Artists I mean. And musicians. And all of us who subject ourselves to the fickle and unpredictable world of this type of gig. 

First, I want to give maga props to my amazing wifey and the lovely ladies of JCS who helped me bring this Book Release Party to fruition. Hard working, kind people to be sure! And Selecta Raiford burned the house down. Good mix, good licks. Nice work, DJ. 
I had a blast. Lots of people came through. Sold books. Sold art. The people enjoyed the music and the food and the vibes. Success. 
The next weekend, I was all set for another success. A reggae fest in Seattle. Kiddin me? Of course I am gonna sell some MARLEY books here! Then again...

I might also sell..... zero copies. 
Yes, ZERO. 

That's the way the cookie crumbles, though. Years ago I would probably have been pissed as hell, but now I just laugh. Honest to goodness laugh. How could I ever have predicted that? You cant. It is what it is. Always and evermore a big crap shoot. And we artists or writers or musicians or whatever, are just at the other end of the dice, praying, wishing, hoping, doing everything we can to will this thing to happen. Even though we know we can do nothing to affect the most important variable: LUCK. 

Well, this coming weekend is another big festival. I put down money for a booth and am hoping to cover at least the cost of the booth and maybe beer money. But, that said, I have no freakin clue what will happen and I suppose I am fine with that. 
I feel like I should be nervous but I have learned one important thing over these years of feeble income. It is not I who make things happen. I do the work. I put myself in the spot. I try and smile. Then it is out of my hands. 

And no matter what the outcome......

Jah provides the bread.