Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Whales, Eagles and Bluebird!

Went surfing at #@$@^$@ today and the weather was as nice as it ever gets up here in the NW. The waves were small but fun. Had a blast with my bro, Matt. When we got out of the water we saw some spouts from two whales out past where we had been surfing. As we walked the long beach to access the crazy trail back to the car we heard the spouting and breaching coming from very close. So we dropped the boards and ran along the edge of this eroded, gnarly rock wall filled with smooth faces, pock marks and tide pools. At the edge of the wall, we saw the full contour of a young Grey Whale. It was feeding along the edge of this very long jutting rock wall where there were kelp beds. It was so cool to be so close. I could have jumped down on his back if I was a complete idiot. I mean, if one of those surfaced near me in the water I would be so terrified I would disappear. *

After a while of oohs and ahhhs, we spotted two more big whales moving right up to where we stood. Mom and dad, presumably. One was pink all around its mouth and head and eye. Both were very large and surfaced less frequently than the wee one. It was spectacular.

*Oh, actually a bunch of whales surfaced right between me and my friend Brian one time on the coast during an El NiƱo summer. I paddled in so fast. There were dozens of whales all over the place and a mother and young whale were right between my friend and I, which was not much more than 30 feet or so. I know they are kind, gentle animals, but talk about heebie jeebies!