Thursday, July 02, 2009

Oh man. Maybe I ordered too many?

Now what am I gonna do with 5 cases of I AND I?
 I am no good at math at all am I? Straight up Tommy Boy style!
Make that 6 cases of I AND I...

I'm gonna hustle em! That's what. I am getting booth space at some events this summer and I am puttin on my pimp hat. Let the weak hearted be warned. Pimp hat.... ON.
First event is the OFFICIAL JESSE JOSHUA WATSON BOOK RELEASE PARTY, August 1, 2009 in Port Townsend. (280 Quincy Street, in the old Templars Building right next to the old Bread and Roses.)
Then... Come meet me at Seattle Vibes Alive on August 7. Reggae festival just in the nick of time? Come on down to King Cat Theatre to the best reggae fest in Seattle. Click here for more info, and to see my main man Far I's wicked site!

Then meet me up at the Hempfest at my I AND I - Bob Marley booth where I will be chillin in the sun along the Seattle waterfront at the world's most hugemongous hempfest, August 15 and 16. You may even be so lucky as to see my homeboy, G Neri show up to sling his newest wares, Surf Mules. I think a perfect fest for both of our books, no?

So. You wanna help a local artist get rid of his cases? I thought so. Come on down!
I will see YOU there!