Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am proud of this

I watched this video again tonight and realized that I am proud of all these paintings. I mean, there are soooooooooooooo many of them. In fact, so many more that didn't make it on the video. For this very hard and fastidious work, I am pleased to say I am proud of myself. I am normally  not that kinda guy, nor have I ever been- to go on record for being proud of myself, that is. Maybe I never had anything I did that was worthy of self praise, but this decade's worth of artwork has been wonderful to create. Thank you JAH for allowing me to create art in my own peaceful home instead of toiling under fluorescent lights and for a boss named Dick. 
We all grow in our fields, but it is rewarding to be able to sit back and appreciate the work of our hands. 

Yes, thank you JAH!