Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Get Outa Dodge

Dodge Caravan, to be precise. And sometimes you just gotta get out for some space. And so we did. 
We got to Hobuck Beach in the afternoon but the sun was in top form for hours so we just played in the amazing sand and water until dark. 
I was really digging the reflective nature of the sand. With the sun far enough into the western sky, we had a mirror at our feet. The boys had an epic time collecting treasure and just running. At one point, after digging another hole, T jumped up and started skipping and hopping in circles. Joined by his brother, they both did a happy dance and then went right back to digging. Bliss embodied. 
I usually have no luck getting wifey to get near the camera. She usually tries escaping the lens and I have to resort to tricks but today, for whatever reason, she was having fun. 

...even a "Myspace" shot! Wow. My lucky day!

After waking up to a completely different view, thanks to the impenetrable marine layer, I hopped out for a few hours of very fun, though invisible to anyone on shore, waves. 

Certainly the best days of my life. 
Thank God for fire. Thank God for water. Thank God for today.