Monday, July 06, 2009

Chetzemoka Chillin'

I love bamboo when it gets big, like this Timber Bamboo at Chetzemoka Park. It freaks me out. Like, physically. What does that say about my twisted psyche? Who cares. 
This stuff is gor-ge-ous! AAAAND, it is only several years old. What other plant sends up a 4" shoot that will reach 40' in 8 weeks? Just crazy, sexy stuff. (damn, said too much.)

The noble Inchworm's view of a lovely stretch'o'beach. 
The noble Chickadee's view of a lovely bit'o'stream.
The noble Husband's view of a lovely view of Wife'n'kids. 

Oh. And for no reason.....   a Satanic Carrot. 

Doesn't this thing have Danzig written all over it? For those who do not know the name, one of my best friends in high school (low school if we are being honest) was soooooo into the Misfits and Danzig, punk bands from a while back, (Me, I hate them, sorry, all ye little mini satanists out there. Just not my cup of blood...) but he (my friend, Derek) died very tragically by his own hand, so I am even more bitter at them than I would normally be.