Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breaking the Silence

"The lives of Palestinians, let's say, is something very, very less important than the lives of our soldiers."  

- IDF soldier

Here is one of the least horrific accounts given on the Shovrim Shtika website. Least horrific, if you can believe that. It comes from an Israeli Defense soldier who was stationed at a temporary checkpoint in Palestine. His account is part of a movement growing within Israel to examine and expose the illegal and shocking actions that the IDF took part in during its siege of Gaza, and in the IDF dealings with Palestinians in general.  

Here is the link. Please check it out. 

"Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Nahal brigade
Place of incident: Atarot-Kalandia


There wasn’t really a checkpoint in Kalandia [at that time]. We would stand there at the fence of the airport, as if this was aiding the guys who were guarding the airport. There were riots and we would shoot... how do you call it -

Rubber [rubber coated metal bullets].

Rubber, stun grenades. And all the time we were playing ‘Catch’ with the kids throwing stones. We would set traps for them there.

What do you mean by traps?

Traps, let me give you a somewhat funny example. We would put a can with a stun grenade inside, take out the safety pin, and place on it sweets, desserts that we would take from the kitchen. Then the kids would come, look at them and when they picked it up, the grenade would explode in their face. That’s one. I’ll give you another example. There was a couch that they would move all day, so we would booby trap the couch with stun grenades.

Where was this couch placed?

It was placed in the middle of where we were… there was a certain place where they would throw stones. And we were sick of them, like, taking the couch. So we (grinning)… and my platoon commander were wounded during this. He tried to set a trap and a stun grenade blew up in his hand, such things, it was a period then… And let me tell you, it was a crazy time."