Sunday, June 28, 2009


Summertime///  (open in new window and click Play Now)

And the livin's easy/ 

I have been chillin for days. Just chillin. I feel bad saying it out loud but it is the first time I have been able to actually chill for more than one night in a long long time. Seriously. I was looking back through my iPhoto library and there are these awful gaps in the history. Too busy working on all the projects to take a day off. Too bad. Gone. I can only try to adjust my aim for future days. Make sure they don't get away. 

My kids are having a blast. My garden is off the chizaaain. Got some new bigass bamboo for my folks all set up and good to go. Been shopping the Waste Not Want Not and garage sales, etc for wood for my new surf show. Playing some chess. Lots of BBQs with the fam. Just Illin and Chillin. 

I am only puttn this down cause I do not want to go so long without doing this again. Work is good and we all gotta put in our labor but this life must be chewed to be savored and I find myself gulping down decades without taking the time to enjoy.

Until the phone rings or the email dings with the next contract and it is back to the races!

hmmmm. I think I better go surf!