Thursday, June 04, 2009

No trip across the Brooklyn Bridge is complete without an...

Elvis sighting! That's right folks, the New Jersey Elvis is in the house.
Bob on the big screen! What is awesome, though I already knew this... I flash this pic up in front of an assembly of hundreds of kids and ask who this is. 90%+ everytime shouts out in unison: "BOB MARLEY!"
Could this be love? Oh yeah, baby! All love! All love for Bob. Cross the globe, across the divides, the man from the ghetto that rules the airwaves from Turkey to Taipei, from barrio to country club. We love you, Mr. Marley.
Greg doing his thang. It's just hustlin, baby. That's all we do.
We bring the truth to set the captives free. We pass pawns. We promote pawns into Queens, into Bishops and into the powerful players determined to take control of this world and run in with style, love and justice!
The teachers are the bishops, leading their people to mental freedom. Like Bob says, "None but ourselves can free our minds!"
Adissa, this one is for you. Don't forget who your people are. Even if the banks turn their backs on you, the soldiers are holding steady. Let me hear some love!
"I don't come to bow, I come to conquor!" -Bob Marley
The auditorium that got ruckus but still loves us. What we gonna do with you?!