Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boys Day

That's what we call it when Daddy watches the boys all day while Mom is off Goodwilling in Seattle. (The wife will quickly point out that it has a name because it's rare. D'oh.)  

First on the agenda?
Maybe one of our favorite beaches. Likely a trip to the duck pond. Certainly a bike ride. Library Story Hour. Ten to fifteen books read aloud. Art studio time (kids' art studio that is). Grandma and grandpa's house. Snacks for meals. Most definitely a fort of some kind. Gardening (by which I mean Dad frantically trying to keep boy hands and feet and sticks from mauling little plants). Possibly watching cool science videos on Youtube about fish, dinosaurs or birds. More snacks. 

Oh.... I hear little wake up sounds right now. Later. I got some Boys Day to enjoy!