Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reggae Posters

One of these days I will post a gallery of  ALL the reggae posters I have done through the years. Most are for my bredren, Fari. See his logo below that I designed years ago. You can view many of my old posters on his site:
But for now, here are a handfull....   some were for shows, some were finished but the artists cancelled and some are for future shows and may evolve before that time. Anyway, check dem.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NBC meet Chess Rumble

I will post a Youtube vid once it airs and they give us a DVD of it.
That is three for three.
My art has been featured on: the Today show, Good Morning America and Oprah!
Not bad for a high school drop out, eh?

Some School Visits

Hue Man Bookstore, Harlem, NY
These are the pics I mentioned in a previous post. The great schools who came:

In the shot above, I am playing kids while we waited for the second school to show up.

A parting shot with the principal of a school in South Bronx, and with our man, Abe Barretto!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Reggae in NYC

ORIGINAL POST: (3:30 a.m.)
Went out to a spot tonight. Gotta get up early but I figured that since I missed church, I needed to hit da club. Got to Sin Sin in the East Village and eventually the DJ started playing some good stuff. Going solo, I gotta keep my brain in the right spot so I just danced by myself to the roots and dancehall till 3 am and then figured church was over and headed home.

Having missed seeing Gregory because he was "slightly injured" (according to the BB King's website), I had to get in some reggae or I was gonna go postal style.

I will say I noticed some things. One. The girls are more respected at reggae clubs here than back home. Maybe it is just this spot, and Lord knows I have seen some women act like the last thing they ever want is respect at some clubs in NY before. But this spot was cool. If somebody did come hang on a girl and she said go away, dude left like that. Not used to seeing that. I mean, I am NOT used to seeing that kind of respect. Not in Seattle or LA anyway. When I used to go to the club with wifey, I had to power block. No fun. We just want to dance and at this spot everybody was nicing up the vibes.

AMENDMENT: (7 a.m.) Hitting the club till 3 a.m. is fine. Unless you gotta get up so soon that your body will quake. Uh oh.