Friday, May 29, 2009


Ah. What to say..... hmmm. Oh My.

Well, I went to the "Not a Dinner" event for BEA. It was an art auction with so many of my peoples. The always amazing John Rocco and his lovely wife. My homeboy, Jarrett Krosoczka, and his lovely wife and beautiful Zoey! Mr. Tomie dePaola, my bar chum and friend. And the ever-glowing Laini (preggo) Taylor and effervescent Jim diBartolo. Talk about a cool couple. Good people, those two. No joke. Many blessings on the upcoming baby!!!!!!XOXO
And all kinds of other great folks. Lots of fun. Wild and craaaaaaazy fun.. ahem. For a bunch of kid's authors and illustrators... well, let's just say, this industry knows how to get down. I love these people.

I met some nice gals from Candlewick at the auction. Also, got a chance to very much enjoy a rapid cab ride (We left five minutes after Laini and Jim yet arrived a half an hour before them at the spot?!) across the Brooklyn Bridge and along FDR at night. Feels different with the city lights out and all the vibes going. The Vibes were going, indeed!

I especially enjoyed the always outstanding Betsy Bird and her Kid's Lit Drink Night. She is just a bundle of fun. Cheryl Kline co-hosted it and I had a nice time hanging with some nice librarians and book folk. Good times.

Earlier, I had a chance to say goodbye to our very amazing partner, Abe Barretto! The MAN! (I am seriously so very grateful for his genuine hosting skills. My man made us honorary Bronx peoples and we will never forget it, B! Respect!)

Much love Abe!

In the morning... BEA. Book Expo America. (for those of you who are not up on this particular assembly of letters, it is a ginormous convention of all things book... including the smarmy salesman from intentionally unnamed online book company, with a name that sounds like something you might find in South America. But anyway, I gots to get to bed of I am gonna be worthless in the mornin.