Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Surf Mules Hot off the Press

My homeboy, Greg Neri has done it again. 
Check this book out! It is SMOKING HOT!

Surf Mules
a YA novel by G. Neri
Coming in June 11, 2009 from Penguin / G.P.Putnam's Sons 
ISBN: 978-0-399-25086-6  Hardcover • Novel/Fiction Ages 14 and up • Grades 9 and up 

hen Logan Tom goes searching for the Perfect Monster Wave, he doesn’t expect his former best friend, Fin Hamilton, to be killed by it. With everything else going wrong in his life—including a deadbeat dad who bankrupted his family, a mom on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and the possibility of college going down the drain—Logan is suddenly in a tailspin. So when small-time drug dealer Broza offers Logan and his dropout pal, Z-boy, a summer job that could make them rich, it seems like all his problems are solved. But between Z-boy’s constant screw-ups, a band of Nazi surfers out for blood, and a mysterious stranger on their tail, Logan
is starting to have serious doubts about hauling contraband across country. What started off as a summer job adventure in disorganized crime, quickly turns into a dangerous quest, where the boys find their friendship and loyalty pushed to the limits. Now all these young surf mules have to do is survive.

Advanced Praise:

"Like a monster wave, Neri's story rockets you through the pipeline of teenage angst, delivering a rousing and unforgettable ride."        - Paul Volponi, author of Hurricane Song and Black & White.

"Neri sandwiches his story between a crackling opening and a whipsaw climactic scene... older boys who say they’ve never read anything will be attracted to the novel’s... [view of a] friendship on the brink of disaster." - Kirkus Review

"Neri's novel catches readers' interest on the very first page and propels them to the end in this intense, funny, and exciting read. Reluctant readers will be hooked on this fast-paced, interesting adventure. Difficult and realistic choices face all of the characters, making the story one that teenagers can relate to... it is a definite buy."  
-School Library Journal
"There’s a new YA novelist in town by the name of G. Neri... His first YA novel Surf Mules is sure to be a hit. I predict we’ll be seeing more of G. Neri in the future." - ALAN News of Note

"All you have to do is read the opening chapter and you will be hooked on reading this fast-paced, interesting tale. Intense, funny and exciting. This is a must read." Winters' Wonderland