Monday, May 18, 2009

My Runner Girl

This was a beautiful weekend. Mariah ran in the Rhody Run while the boys and I played on the beach. I am so proud of my wifey. She kicks ass!

The boys were so enthralled in sea-life that I could not pull them away. Finally, after many attempts, I got them distracted by snacks and I strollered their little munching mouths back up to the finish line. I assumed we would be waiting around for a while to see the runners come back in. 

Good thing we left when we did, as Mariah and her homies were already on the home stretch. T, F and I just had time to race over to the sidelines and lift up our shirts. (We drew a big "M" on F's belly, an "O" on mine and another "M" on T's. It was hockey style radness!)

Good job, honey!