Monday, May 25, 2009

In da City

Hello from a really big city. Kinda over that, just cause of the long trip. Our bridge is out, so I had to take a middle of the night ferry from PT to Seattle and then drive down to a friend's house to stay the night. Then I got up at the ass of dawn to walk with all my big heavy bags for a few miles to the airport. Where I got on a thankfully functional airplane for the day. Got to Jersey and hopped on a bus after an hour wait for my big heay bags. Got to Grand Central and hopped in a cab who "forgot" to set the meter (figuring I was a tourista) and so he made a wise gamble. Sadly for him, I knew what a cab 30 blocks costs. Oh well. Good for him to try it, though. Coulda maybe got twenty bucks if Ida been a newbie.

Now I am really high up in a apt overlooking Cornel and a bunch of hospitals on the UpEaSi.

Early in the am I go to south Bronx to do school visits all day. Looking forward to bringing some fun and some inspiration to the youth, dem. More Fire. More power. More pawns becoming Kings, yo!