Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Kids

*NOTE* No pics just yet, though I will be adding them very shortly.

Today, I spent the day with some really great kids. First school up in Washington Heights was all ready the moment we walked in the auditorium and due to an overheated projector, we had to work fast to remedy the situation. Luckily some good folks got the other projector to me quickly and we had it set up in no time. This school (PS 005 M) was awesome. So orderly and together. Kids were very well behaved and respectful. Their chess club was also there and I got the great treat of having my butt thoroughly kicked by a little guy. Ok, I wasn't gonna tell the truth but the kid wore a blindfold. And kicked my butt. But to my credit his chess teacher told me that he had not been able to beat this kid in a year. Wow. Incredibly talented kiddo. Good job my man! Keep it up!

The next presentation we gave was at the ever spectacular Hue Man Bookstore on Fredrick Douglass in Harlem. We had a blast and even got the bonus treat of getting some time to talk with Melvin van Peebles, who had just returned from Jamaica. Marva, owner of Hue Man, was very interested in the I AND I book, being from Jamaica and having known Bob long ago. It was cool to see her check out the book.
There were two schools (I will have to ask which schools they were again to give shout outs, because they were very good kids!) that attended the presentation and book signing. I got to play a number of kids as well as a teacher. It was lots of fun.

Tomorrow, Darlene Rodriguez, the morning anchor of NBC New York is filming us during our presentation. Granted it may end up as a two minute piece, but hell, two minutes on network in NY is fine with me.

Should be a fun day.