Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dinner with Tomie

(Pics to come soon)
Last night I had a wonderful evening with my friend, the legendary Tomie dePaola.

When he heard I would be in NY during BEA (Book Expo of America) Tomie invited my friend Brian and I to the Mercer along with the lovely bookstore owners from New London, Tomie's hometown, and the very charming Cecilia Yung.

Great food, great people, great evening.

After dinner I took a stroll around the Lower East Side, a neighborhood I had never spent much time in. Saturday night on 2nd and St. Mark's reminded me of Berkeley or SF or Ocean Beach, SD. Basically a scene repeated all over the country when all the kids come to party and retailers make the most of that.
It reminded me of several things:
1. If you need to get in trouble, there is always a spot that will make it easy.
2. If I do have a daughter someday, we will be moving to remote Alaska well before she enters high school.
3. I am glad I can visit places that are wild and fun and crazy, but I am thrilled that I can come back home to my tranquil eden.