Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tomie dePaola is the MAN!

Ok, not to get too sentimental or sappy, but who doesn't love Tomie dePaola? I have loved his books since I was a gleam in me daddy's eye. And I have been a warm recipient of his charming smile since I was a pup, running around while my dad got portfolio reviews from him so long ago. And now, I am grateful to be his friend and enjoy quality time (often at...yes, the bar) with this great Children's Book hero. 

Well, this is it. The topping on the sundae:  On Tomie's blog he recently came out with his very own ABC's. Click here to check it out! I am going to steal just the Y and share it here because I simply cannot resist. 

"Y:  Y is for young illustrators. Tomie likes the work of young writers and illustrators Jarrett Krosoczka, David Ezra Stein, Jesse Joshua Watson, and many others."

Thank you Tomie! You are, of course, on all of our TOP TEN lists as well and I am grateful to be in your top 26.