Monday, January 05, 2009

Stop Goliath!

David has become Goliath! 
The world sits back and watches Israel crush Gaza without doing anything to stop it. 

I wonder if governments are so terrified of being called anti Semitic that they would rather just watch Israel "wipe Palestine into the sea."

Is it because of the rocket attacks? Clearly this is a terrible idea, Hamas, but can I get a reality check? Let's compare numbers, shall we? Israelis dead: 4  Palestinians dead: 530  (EDIT: now 860! and counting!)
Do we value Israeli life so much more than Palestinian life?
I wish there were NO dead Israelis. But I do not value them higher than anyone else.
Regardless of how zionism sees it, 1 life = 1 life. There is no hierarchy putting "God's chosen" at the top of the food chain and then all gentiles in varying lower degrees of worth. 
There is a very accurate word for that. RACISM
Let's get one thing straight. 
A white child is only as precious as a brown child. 
A Jew is only as precious as an Arab. 

Our governments (US and Israel) are THE ONLY ONES ON THE PLANET allowed to completely ignore the UN concerns. Of course, we make the rules. Never forget that. If a rule we made works in our benefit we will level an entire nation to stand by it. (see Iraq) However if it doesn't fit in our goals, we cast it aside as if it were merely opinion. Just try to imagine what our leaders would be saying if any other nation on earth acted the way Israel is right now. 

And does anyone really think this war is going to bring further security to Israel? That is ridiculous. They are creating their own perfect enemy. I want safety and peace for the Israeli people, but they are ensuring that  the conflict will continue for many more generations. The Israelis themselves should be demanding a halt since their children will pay for the crimes of its government. At this rate, it seems that their only solution is to literally kill every Palestinian on the planet. Is this what they are willing to do? Who knows, but I do know that as we are all slowly desensitized to the brutal actions of our governments it won't be long before we are wielding genocide as a weapon without any protest from our own citizens. 

And how does the world respond? People filling the streets all around the globe in rage at what is being allowed to happen to the people of Gaza. But what do we hear in America? What is the response in our country?

Silence is what we get. 
Silence from the leaders. 
Silence from the people. 
Silence from the pulpit. 

Silence is an endorsement. 
If you see a bully beating up another kid and you are silent, you endorse the bully. 

I do not endorse the bully.