Friday, January 02, 2009


This exhibit is similar to other shows I have done in that it carries a very focused theme and subject; many pieces making up a whole. However it has departed from my current artistic trajectory, and I am so glad it has. I feel like I get pigeon holed in these more realistic techniques, so when I finally let myself out I explode in a supernova of art and get so carried away that I don't stop for food, sleep, anything. I don't even stop when I run out of canvas. I just grab the nearest existing painting and sacrifice it up to this new creature. I have got to follow it until the song ends. And quite like my techniques in illustration, where the realistic outcome requires adherence to many classical painting rules, this show bled out regardless of what I did to stop it. 

As for the subject matter, the question is left to you. Who is it that stares from the mirror? Will the rest of us ever know? Convict? Commoner? 
Who am I to say?

*forgive the quick snapshots. I had to hang the show before I got the shot. These will work for now.
**Notice the progression in how I approach the idea of Portrait through the show. You can view it chronologically from top to bottom, with the top images being the first, more traditional portraits and as I progress they get crazier and crazier!
***for a brilliant sound track to this art, open up one of these youtube vids in a separate window and have a  listen while viewing. You may be able to catch a little of the vibes that inspired me during the creation of this show:
~ 24" x 32"

~ 16" x 20"

~16" x 20"

~24" x 36"

~22" x 40"

~36" x 48"

~34" x 48"

~22" x 30"

~ 18" x 30"

~50" x 50"

~ 28" x 38"

~ 28" x 38"

~36" x 50"

~ 50" x 50"

~48" x 60"

~ 40" x 52"