Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cover of Bob Marley book

Many thanks to the inimitable KIMI WEART, designer of this project. Now that I see her job on the cover, I am relaxed and excited about the rest. Nice one Kimi!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

And Just Like That, The Book is Done.

I have finished the book, I AND I Bob Marley. It feels like I just scored a goal during the World Cup. (OK. OK. Of course, my fat ass couldn't even be a lineman at the world cup, thank you very much for pointing it out! Still, I am stoked.) 

I hate it during those lame award shows when people go off thanking their cohorts. Well, I realize at this moment how the success of this book was quite literally dependent on one person. This beautiful, kind, patient, loving, AWESOME sock puppeteer I call my wifey. I am blessed beyond comprehension. She put the kids to bed, made the meals, cleaned the house, did the bills, basically did everything to keep us alive while I was in my cave, painting 18 hours a day for the past few months.  She is too good to be true; Like a dream I have not yet woken from.  Please, God, let me keep dreaming.

This is my tradition of gathering my babies all together for 1 last hug before shipping them all away to the publisher. 
It gives me  chance to notice things I may not have seen when viewing a piece in isolation. And sure enough, in this case I went back to work on five or six of them to further unify the art based on seeing them all together. One cool thing I found when I gathered all the art here was that the
re were several graphic elements that I had subconsciously included in nearly every piece. 
I am holding the cover sketch, which is my last task for the book, aside from pimping the hell out of it when it is released. 

And then I wrap them up and hand them to a guy wearing brown shorts. Well, I FedEx'd it so I suppose Blue shorts. Still. I dont know him. Maybe he is hammered and will forget to lock the back of his truck. One good bump and bye bye Bob Marley book. All this work ending up as road kill? Terrifying for me. But, what ya gonna do? Paint it all over again I suppose. 

Thankfully, I just heard from the world's best editor, Jennifer Fox, that indeed, the art arrived safe and sound. Thank God. I can breathe again. 


What to do now. 

What to do now...